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Alex Liccione – Look and Be Inspired and Touched with the Grandeur and Stories of Alexander Liccione’s Artworks

31, October 2014: 

Alex Liccione 

I was intrigued and captivated the first time I laid my eyes on Master Artist and Painter Alex Liccione’s Artworks. Often, I have seen painters paint nature, animals and abstract paintings which showed their thoughts and emotion. But Alex Liccione offered a unique gallery that will entice you in a mysterious way. He painted the architecture of New York, Bills, Post cards and many more. Each painting he made showed his skills through the colours that made his paintings realistic as it can be and it also showed his focus with the details – even the smallest ones, he perfectly and magnificently portrayed. This evidently showed his strength and passion as a painter. 

The Artworks of Alex Liccione 

Alex Liccione Painting

The concepts of Alex Liccione’s artworks are unique and well-thought. One of his galleries that showed this was the Architectural Series. The idea came to him while he strolled old parts of New York City where he realized that he was a witness to its changes – both good and bad. You will see from this gallery the story, not of a human, but that of a place. You will be touched and inspired with the passion, strength and focus Alexander Liccione put into his artworks. The City also showed that change is inevitable and an unrelenting force in nature which cannot be stopped. It showed that none is subjected to be an exception in the face of change. Liccione also wanted to be an exception in the face of change. Liccione also wanted to bring attention and appreciation to architectural designs of buildings in New York which are often ignored. 

Alex Liccione Painting New York

painting from Miscellaneous Series II of Alex Liccione also struck my heart and will definitely touch yours too. The painting is entitled “Alone and Forgotten” which shows a man, sitting alone on a bench, while everyone in his surroundings continue their lives. It’s as if he played a tragic symphony using colours and strokes which perfectly portrayed how the man felt inside. The man looking down feels as if he has lost all hope with no one caring about him but the trees which feel as though they relate to him. The painting shows an event that one may also experience in real life – when you’re old and are forgotten by your loved ones. A sad and tragic event, which when you think about will make you teary and cry. There’s also the ‘Homeless Woman’ which also portrayed the same feeling, but this time, the agony and hardships a woman with no money and home to return to. This picture will make you think about what women like them are thinking about and what will you do if ever you’re the one in their place. 

Artist Painter Alex Liccione

Master Artist Alexander Liccione showed paintings that are truly heart-warming and inspiring. Each painting will surely leave a part of it inside of your heart that you will forever remember and cherish. 


Written by Latoya Lawrence 

Latoya Lawrence is a freelance writer from the sunny and beautiful island of Jamaica.

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