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Hyceramic Fiber manufactures quality ceramic fiber for various production materials

China: 31, October 2014: Ceramic fiber has many modern usages as it can be used in making yarn, packages and fire proof cloth. Hyceramic Fiber is a China based ceramic fiber yarn manufacturers. The company is an eco-friendly producer using the latest production techniques for making ceramic fibers. The ceramic ropes and yarns produced are of longer durability and strong in nature. Ceramic fiber cloths are also manufactured to make fire proof cloth that has high repulsion to inflammability.

Hyceramic Fiber has to replace low tensile asbestos with ceramic fiber as they have more potential as raw materials. The manufactured goods are strong and refractory ceramic fibers that have many usages like ceramic blanket, ceramic firebox, fire repulsive ceramic packages, etc.

The company also has many ceramic fiber board for sale that helps in low heat accumulation. The fiber boards can be fixed as switch boards as it has thermal shock resistance and reliability. The fiber boards have heat insulation and low thermal conductivity that makes it more usable and environment secure. The ceramic tiles manufactured here have high tensile strength and upscale heat insulation. The manufacturing process is well equipped and the products are tested several times under strict supervision to gain acceptance. The ceramic fiber can be used to make high temperature pipes for buildings that have fine insulation service. The materials also have a high production in making bricks that are fire proof and have more longevity. The ceramic boards used in electronic installation have shock resistance and is also a stable conductor of heat.

The company has their website www.hyceramicfiber.com that can be visited to get a detailed classification of all their ceramic fiber products and their usages. The ceramic fiber manufacturers also produce yarn that is transformed into threads and ropes. It is made from a soft fiber material that has more stability. The yarns have low heat capacity and low thermal carriage. Also the yarns are made to increase the tensile strength and have reliable stability. The products are fire proof and are have sound insulation. The Hyceramic Fiber team undergoes special test before approving the materials for further processing. The ceramic yarns can be used in chemical industries for lining heated equipments or used in high temperature pipelines for heavy duty factories or buildings. The character of high temperature filtration makes it ideal for packaging purposes of reactive elements.

The company staffs can be contacted through their website and one can also consult their customer service to enquire about any upcoming products. The ceramic fiber materials are seen as a fine replacement of asbestos that once had wide spread usage. Ceramic fibers have many industrial advantages that can be seen from the company website.

About Hyceramic Fiber:

Website: www.hyceramicfiber.com

Hyceramic Fiber is a company manufacturing ceramic fiber materials that can be processed later in other products for industrial use. Their website www.hyceramicfiber.com can be visited for further information.

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Company: Hongyu Insulation Refractory Material Co., Ltd
Tel: 400-016-0534
Mobile: 0086-15165101577
E-mail: hyceramicfiber@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.hyceramicfiber.com/

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