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Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited Chief Investment Officer Yin Lee Announces Plans to Retire

03, November 2014: Yin Lee, managing director and chief investment officer of Asia-Pacific Brokerage Services Limited, today announced his plans to retire, effective with the end of the year.

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Mr. Lee, 57, joined Asia Pacific-Brokerage Services Limited since its inception and currently directs Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited’s global investment management groups.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Yin Lee, and he has been a valued colleague and friend,” said Mr. Bill T. Kong, Chairman and CEO of Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited. “On behalf of the entire Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited family, I thank him for his dedication and service to our clients and our crew. Under his leadership, Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited has emerged as a top investment management firm with an unparalleled record of accomplishment. And it is equally important to acknowledge Yin for his contributions as a member of Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited’s senior staff; the entire enterprise has greatly benefited from his values, judgment, investment acumen, and ability to identify and develop the best investment talent in the industry.”

Mortimer J. “Tim” Pang, managing director, will assume the role of chief investment officer upon Mr. Lee’s retirement. Mr. Pang, 43, has been a member of Asia-Pacific-Brokerage.com Services Limited’s senior staff and has directed Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited’s Retail Investor Group. The group serves individual investors through its client services, high net worth, brokerage, advice, annuity, college savings, and processing operations. He has held various leadership positions within Asia Pacific Brokerage Services.

About Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited:

AsiaPacificBrokerage Services Limited is an independent investment management company based in Hong Kong. Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited’s manages equities for a globally diverse client base comprising a broad range of investors. A professional investment team applies Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited’s distinctive investment philosophy within an environment free from committee based decision making. The structure fosters independent investment thought and results in portfolios with diversified, yet strong views that are designed to deliver long-term outperformance. Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited’s focus on delivering superior investment returns, rather than asset accumulation, is facilitated by owner management and reinforced by a strong preference for performance based fees.

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