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Megapolis cheat tool finally released for multiple mobile platforms

These days there are literally thousands of mobile games available. The mobile gaming industry has a number of genres of games and lately, the genre of city simulations has gained popularity with mobile phone gamers. One of the biggest city stimulation games is Megapolis. Megapolis is a mobile game available on iOS, Android and PC platforms. In this game, players are tasked with creating their own virtual city by building houses, condos and hotels, developing infrastructure, both commercial and municipal, providing water and electricity etc. In order to help players keep their virtual cities alive and thriving, Megapolischeat.net has provided players with Megapolis Cheats Tool.

The new Megapolis cheat tool provides players with infinite resources to ensure that players do not get stuck in one level for days. It was reported that while many players enjoyed the game, they complained that the resources provided in the game are very limited and it took them a long time to complete some of the harder tasks. The hack tool claims to help players redeem infinite coins, experience (XP) and Megabucks in order to keep the game interesting. Players can also access population hack and fast building, which means that they can complete and unlock new buildings easily.  

The Megapolis cheat tool comes with a user friendly interface as well as provides online security. Players, however, first need to connect the hack tool to the official gaming server through the Connect section. Here, the players need to choose the platform-PC, Android or iOS -and then provide their email address or game username. Lastly, players can choose additional safety options namely, the use proxy and safe mode. While these safety options are not necessary to successfully use the hack tool, they can be helpful in some situations. The “Use Proxy” helps hide the IPD addresses of players and keeps them anonymous. According to the developers of Megapolis cheats tool, the chance of being detected is non-existent. To get more information please go to http://megapolischeat.net/

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Megapolischeat.net provides full review on the new hack tool for Megapolis. Android, iOs and PC users can download the hack tool from this website.

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