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“Comedians Talking About Bigfoot” In Top 10 Percent Most Listened To Podcasts In U.S.A

04, November 2014: 'Comedians Talking About Bigfoot' has become one of the most popular podcasts in US, during 2014. According to the latest data, it is in top 10 percent most listened to Podcast in country. The podcast is available on iTunes for people to listen and rate. It has been a smash debut podcast of 2014. The show records new episodes in L.A, once every month.

In 'Comedians Talking About Bigfoot,' listeners can hear the discussion of Bigfoot-Sasquatch phenomena among invited guests and David. The guests are well known Bigfoot experts from across the US. Bigfoot recently became one of the most talked about topics around the world, and a number of experts have confirmed its presence. Bigfoot is also identified as Sasquatch, a name given to the huge creature that looks like a cryptid ape, and live in forests, especially in Pacific Northwest of North America.

Speaking to media, David said, "I'm very happy to host this show, and I'm thrilled that the podcast is one of the most popular shows among people in US. I had an idea that a show on this topic, would likely do well. And luckily, I was right. Being a standup comedian in L.A, I know tons of good comedians. So we always have access to a good group of comedian guests." He further added, "The Bigfoot experts we get from TV shows have appreciated that the show is not just us making fun of them."

The podcast just finished its first season, and a new season is planned for 2015. David is an enthusiastic fan of everything related to Bigfoot, and likes talk a lot about the topic. He is a popular personality and has appeared on various shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, Sirius XM Raw Dog Radio, The Howard Stern Show and others.

About Comedians Talking About Bigfoot:

Website: http://www.comedianstalkingaboutbigfoot.com/

Comedians Talking About Bigfoot is a podcast hosted by famous personality and comedian David Race. The show is recorded in LA, California.

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