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Inside the City of Roses

Canada; 05, November 2014: The Ontario that we know today is not exactly the Ontario it was before. In the past, what was to become one of Canada’s most populous province, was occupied by the First Nations. These included tribes that were neither Inuit nor Metis. The passing of time has given Ontario a rich and colorful history as well as an ever-changing culture.

Today, one of the more popular places in Ontario is known as Windsor, the City of Roses. It is located within the Essex County, and is geographically close to Detroit, Michigan. Because of the long history of Ontario, including the city of Windsor, it is not surprising that it continuously garners more than a handful of tourists on a regular basis. Some of the more popular sites in Windsor would include the Jackson Park, the Art Gallery of Windsor, the St. Clair Beach, the Canadian Club Distillery, and the Coventry Gardens and Peace Fountain.

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