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CHOETECH Slash down the price of its Multi USB charger for this holiday season

Michigan; 07, November 2014: CHOETECH slash down the price of its 6 Port USB charger for holiday season. Most of the people charge their Smartphone overnight, so that it doesn’t matter how long it takes for them to hit 100%. But if a person uses their device a lot, the whole battery gets drained out during the day, and then no one wants to hang around at one place for several hours waiting for it to get refueled.

Well, to overcome this issue, CHOETECH – a leading brand in manufacturing wireless as well as USB chargers by implementing their innovative ideas and techniques introduced a Multi USB charger with 6 charging ports that can charge up to 6 Android as well as iOS based devices with its unique auto detection features. Along with Smart Auto detect technology; it has an overall capacity of 10Amps or 2.4 Amps at each port that can charge up to 6 devices simultaneously in less than 2 hours.

Moreover, in the year ending deal or could say approaching holiday season, CHOETECH slash down the price of this multi port USB charger from $29.99 to $25.99 (71% discount). The size of the charger is compact that can easily fit inside the pockets. This charger is ideal for a hassle free travelling experience.

Meanwhile, the charger comes with iPhone 6/6plus resist their users to use faster charging feature. But according to CHOETECH, with their Multi USB charger, an iPhone 6 user can fully juice up their device within 2 hours. One of their Engineers briefly explains the working process of this charger. They said, "Basically, it works according to the IC controlled charging that regulates the output to Android or iOS devices individually. It means that a user doesn’t have to toggle any switch as it automatically detect the connected device and start charging it at its maximum charging potential. It reduces the trap of wires in homes as well as in offices. A user just needs a single socket that allows six connections at once." The company offers a 1 year warranty on the product against all manufacturing defects.

Buy it from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MBDGVPM/

For more information: http://www.choetech.com

About CHOE Technology Co., Ltd:

CHOETECH is a leading brand in manufacturing Chargers for Android as well as iOS based Smartphones, Tablets and Phablets. They offer a wide range of Wireless, Dual USB and Multiport USB chargers for Smartphones and tablets at an affordable price with complete quality assurance.

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