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Surprise Announced For Toy Story Fans This Christmas

07, November 2014: ABC have just revealed that they'll be airing a second Toy Story television epic this Christmas called "Toy Story That Time Forgot," when the Toy Story gang gather to play after Christmas, however find themselves up against a contemporary group of action figures.

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It will certainly be Tom Hanks and Tim Allen who provide their voices to the major characters, with a cast that includes Kristen Schaal, Timothy Dalton and Don Rickles, Alums Joan Cusack, and Wallace Shawn, with a brand-new dinosaur character called Reptillius Maximus being depicted by Kevin McKidd from Trainspotting. "Toy Story That Time Forgot" premieres the Second of December on ABC.

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Though Disney has not yet spoken about the effect this could have to Toy Story merchandise sales, they have actually made a main statement about the Disney animated film called Frozen, which is expected to do well for Christmas sales in the toy market. Frozen toys have also topped lots of lists for "most wanted toys this Christmas," seen in publications like "Toy Expert Vacation Guide Hot 20 List," and "Toys "R" Us."

Last Christmas, toy-makers were apparently caught off guard by the success of Frozen, which managed over $1 billion in ticket sales, transforming it into the fifth-highest earning movie ever. Toy-makers were unable to keep up with the high demand for Frozen toys, which even resulted in desperate parents buying Frozen outfits online for well over $1000 a piece. This Christmas however, it has actually been reported that Disney and their franchisees are a lot more prepared for a high demand in Frozen toys, by presenting larger inventories from an expanded variety of items.

But might it be Toy Story that takes the show for most toy sales this Christmas after "Toy Story That Time Forgot" is aired on ABC in early December. According to Nevada based kids line company spokesman Neil Speight it might well be the 90s toys that show up trumps for most toys sales income this Christmas. He said... "One thing's for sure with today's parents, and that's their wish to go back in time and get right away from electronic games. Toy Story will certainly no doubt offer parents a great reason to purchase 90s style toys this Christmas as they remember how much they delighted in the Toy Story motion picture epics they watched as children."

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