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FilmCanal.com to set sail with Worldwide internet HD/TV Streaming VOD Platform

Hollywood, CA; 08, November 2014: Film Canal partners Dana Schroeder, Tim Anderson and Mark Castaldo are excited to announce their new VOD streaming venture. FilmCanal.com is an Independent worldwide internet HD TV / VOD Platform–streaming site for quality feature films, documentaries, foreign language and short films. Our delivery platforms will include apps available to view on almost any device including wired TV, PC, Mac, i-Phone, i-Pad, Android and Google Chromecast. Consumers from around the world can rent films by the view or download to own with our encrypted DRM delivery system. FilmCanal.com can do a films premiere release globally or target the release within certain territories in the U.S, Canada or overseas using Geo-Blocking technology. Film Canal will also be including an optional Ultra HD 4K resolution download in 2015.


Film Canal has appointed Mark Castaldo as their Chief Content Officer (CCO). Mark, a multi-award winning independent film producer with his company Destiny Pictures, brings a unique understanding of the needs of independent filmmakers and will oversee the companies worldwide film acquisition and distribution. Partner Dana Schroeder is a DGA film director and producer with vast business administration expertise and Film Canal President Tim Anderson brings years of sales, marketing and film producing experience which makes a perfect mix to guide the business affairs and the companies’ day to day operations of the Film Canal platform. Rounding out the company is creative marketing specialist Christine Redlin, with a diverse background in entertainment PR and market research, and Seen Robinson will handle content art design.

FilmCanal.com backed by private equity is now up and running in Beta stage for filmmakers and film viewers to navigate the site and take advantage of some early giveaways as we begin to acquire content. "It’s an exciting time in the ever changing distribution landscape and FilmCanal.com plans on making some noise in this space. We will be filmmaker friendly with generous revenue shares and no upfront costs and we’ll be free to join and consumer friendly with lower rental and buy prices with plenty of interaction. We are also in discussions with accredited film festivals around the globe to showcase the best in independent filmmaking, states Castaldo".

Film Canal will also offer its services to a select group of producers as a worldwide delivery platform as well, and consider their recent catalog titles for immediate inclusion. Tomorrow’s new distribution model is available now.

About FilmCanal.com:

FilmCanal.com (domain) is an Independent worldwide internet HD TV Platform–VOD streaming site (Station) for quality feature films, short films, TV shows and documentaries. Rent or buy films by the view or download with our encrypted DRM delivery system. Including 4k downloads starting June 2015. Filmmakers will no longer have to hunt down a distribution deal or pay aggregator and marketing fees. Film Canal will also consider select prior year official film festival selections for immediate inclusion. Tomorrow’s new distribution model is available now.

General and Submission Info: acquisitions@filmcanal.com
Website: https://FilmCanal.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FilmCanal
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FilmCanalCom
Film Canal: YouTube

For Media Contact:
PR Contact: Christine Redlin
1118 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90038
(323) 287-5199 - office

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