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‘Speedticketbeaters.Com Announces The TOP 5 BAD Speeding Ticket Excuses

November 08, 2014: Speedticketbeaters.com a popular website for providing defense against speeding tickets, in all the states of USA, has announced the top 5 “bad speeding ticket excuses”. The company has helped thousands of clients conquer their speeding tickets, without paying ticket fines, or auto insurance increases, by offering case law and custom written speeding ticket defense plans.

The company provides a free initial consultation to all customers that need to beat a Fight speeding ticket, in any part of the USA. The website also provides a paid service, where the clients get detailed speeding ticket defense sent via email. Each defense is custom written for the speeding ticket case being addressed.

To take advantage of the services of the website, a customer simply fills out a form on Speedticketbeaters.com, and submits basic information about their speeding ticket. After receiving the form the company representative contacts the customer, and provides a free consultation about the customers speeding ticket problem.

Speaking to the media, a spokesperson of the company said, “There’s tons of misinformation out there about what kind of defenses work in traffic court. The top 5 bad excuses we published on our blog, is an interesting read. And even more detailed and interesting is the Speeding Ticket Myths page, right on our main website.” He then added, “The best defenses are not ones that an average person, without expertise speeding ticket defense, would be able to think of.”

Speedticketbbeaters.com is different from any of its competitors, in that they are able to provide short, custom written defenses that are simple to understand, and work well in traffic court.

About Speed Ticket Beaters:

‘Speedticketbeaters.Com is a website that helps clients with speeding ticket defenses in any of the 50 states of USA. The company started operations in the year 2004.

For Media Contact:
Address: 15111 North Hayden Road,
Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, USA
Website: http://speedticketbeaters.com/

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