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Fashion Mapping Platform App, RNWY, Taps Claire Sulmers as Creative Director; Aims to Revolutionize Fashion World/Online Retail

New York, NY; 11, November 2014: The Hormeku Group (THG) has announced plans for RNWY, the first global fashion mapping platform app. The brand seeks to bring exposure to designers while providing access for fashion connoisseurs on an international scale. Registration is now open for all emerging fashion designers around the world on rnwyapp.com. With availability in Apple, Android, and Windows Phone devices, the product empowers new designers on a global stage to showcase upcoming lines and even the playing field with established fashion houses. The app will feature images, gifs, live streams, and the latest replays of runway shows, social media integration, and exclusive perks to purchase looks on the runway.

To kick things off, RNWY has tapped Claire Sulmers, Editor-In-Chief of Fashion Bomb Daily and all-around fashion mogul, to play the role of Creative Director. “The goal here is to revolutionize the way people collide with fashion and put control in the hands of brilliant creatives who want to showcase and discover the future of fashion. Ultimately, we want millions of fashion lovers to look at this as the ultimate tastemaker’s destination. We want great pieces from every part of the world to spread efficiently across the globe and for designers to get the praise they deserve. Claire’s keenly aesthetic eye, razor-sharp influence, and stellar understanding of the world of fashion is the innovative product direction RNWY needs to accomplish that goal,” says E. K. Hormeku, RNWY Founder and C.E.O.

The RNWY App is set to launch on February 2nd, 2015. The platform will act to strengthen the mutually beneficial relationship that exists between international fashion enthusiasts and newly emerging designers.

The Hormeku Group (THG) was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur and fashion designer, E. K. Hormeku. THG is the umbrella company for six autonomous brands, which include: Nerdy McFly Publications; Nothing Nice New York; Vida Chocolate Cigars; Steel Wine and Spirits; THGPrsnts Event Curation; and Late Night Great Night App. The RNWY App is the seventh and latest addition to the THG conglomerate.

For more information, please direct all inquiry to Morgan Wilkinson (Director of PR) at rnwyapp.com

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