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New Gold Apple Watch Could Be Most Expensive Apple Product Yet

11, November 2014: French site iGeneration reports that a new, gold Apple Watch may hit the market soon which could be up for grabs anywhere from $4,000 to $5,000. If you think about it, Apple's most expensive computer in the market is the Mac Pro which sells a little below $3,000 minus the monitor, keyboard and mouse. If you buy these needed accessories, your purchase price would reach $4,000. That would still be cheaper than the forthcoming Apple watch if rumors are to be believed.

The Apple watch will allow you to check emails without having to use your Smartphone. You won't have to shell out a fortune to get an Apple watch as a stainless steel version will also be able for about $500. Announced to the public last September, Apple is said to offer the aluminum version at $349 and is expected to be available commercially by 2015.

Apple's move to join the digital luxury market could be a smart move. Global spending on luxury items is expected to rise by 7% and many analysts believe that the trend will continue to rise until 2017. Apple has positioned the Apple watch as a luxurious item, having appeared in Chinese Vogue covers last October and in Paris Fashion Week. Diversifying their current products would definitely increase Apple's competitive advantage over its closest rivals.

People's imagination has wandered ever since the new Apple watch was announced. Consumers expect to see many unique features from Apple's latest innovation. While it would be Apple's new product since it introduced the iPhone, it has certainly chosen an exciting new way to tantalize the market with its latest technological offering.

A protocol of the new Apple watch can be seen online and it promises to have exciting features with the ability to zoom in and out of selected apps. It also features a magnetic strap that is unlike your regular watch.

Three models of the Apple watch have been shown to consumers that are stylish and luxurious, with an 18-karat gold version. While Apple has always set the trend when it comes to innovation, it has also proven itself in terms of offering technological products that consumers can buy off the shelf and enhance their way of life, similar to its first foray into the digital luxury space.

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