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Unlockweightloss.com informs Weight Loss Seekers about the revolutionary 21 day weight loss program

Unlockweightloss.com recently published a review of 21 Day Fix on their website. Visitors can read an in- depth and objective review of this weight loss program which was created by Autumn Calabrese, a renowned fitness Beachbody Trainer. The 21 Day Fix workout program was designed, keeping in mind the hectic schedules of men and women, who do not have time to work out effectively at home or in a gym every day. Through this review busy people looking for a quick way to lose weight can find out more about the 21 Day Fix workout program and whether this program would suit them.

According to Unlockweightloss.com, the 21 Day Fix workout program is a blend of full body workouts and a nutritious diet plan. The program consists of 2 workout DVDs, 7 color coded containers in different sizes and a Shakeology shaker cup. Each of the workout have been designed to last 30 minutes to ensure that people living hectic lifestyles, can burn maximum calories in a short amount of time. The workouts ensures that every part of the body is worked on such as the upper fix, which specifically works the shoulders, arms, abs, back and chest. Other workouts include total body cardio fix, lower fix, Pilates fix, cardio fix and yoga fix.

The review also informs about the nutrition cycle of the 21 Day Fix workout program. Unlockweightloss.com says that the program does not involve any diet. Instead the containers provided in the program ensure that users do not overeat or under-eat. Each container is color coded according to the food it should contain. According to Unlockweightloss.com, the eating plan helps users eat healthy and less fatty foods without actually having to go on unbearable diets.

Overall, Unlockweightloss.com has recommended the 21 Day Fix program as a comprehensive and clever way to lose weight by focusing equally on nutrition and workouts.  To get more information please go to http://unlockweightloss.com

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