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Ebola Cuddly Toy Described As Educational

12, November 2014: With the World Health Organization having proclaimed the existing outbreak as a public health emergency, a friendly-looking Ebola cuddly toy has just recently received increased success in total sales, in spite of the transmittable illness's horrific nature. A UK agent of Giant Microbes has informed the BBC that there's not one cuddly toy left on the shelves at present, which is in spite of having been a little bit of a flop for the last 10 years.

Large Toy Hammock

Spokesperson Carol Allam said... "We have actually sold thousands over the last few months. They are all gone. It's due to the fact that it's so lifelike. If you look under a microscopic lens you'll see the Ebola virus shape is just like the toy." She also commented that it was most likely that students were buying them, stating "It's education, it's not a toy."

Freddie and Sebbie™

The business state that the microbe-shaped toys have been created to be attractive characters that can engage with multilevel audiences. The toy has actually been named as "the T-Rex of microorganisms," and designed as a furry brown character with yellow eyes. Since the discovery of the virus back in 1976, Ebola has ended up being the T-Rex of microbes, though the United States toy company aren't the only ones to be reporting increased demand for Ebola-related items. Rap artist Cam'ron decided to do his bit by producing Ebola masks with an image of his face on it, though the masks are probably not a 100 % defense system against Ebola, which is spread by the transfer of all bodily fluids.

Ebola has killed more than 4,500 people in West Africa, with recent break outs being seen in Europe and the U.S.A. Freddie and Sebbie director, Mr Neil Speight says how worried he was with the recent shift in Ebola's reach, and added... "As events unfolded we were all of a sudden being confronted with something from Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, but it would appear the WHO has actually woken up now, and things appear to be under control."

Mr Speight concluded by saying... "Education has actually played an extremely important duty in this current breakout, and personally I believe the Ebola Cuddly Toy is an excellent method to educate people about this fatal virus. I hope to get two of the Ebola cuddly toys for my infant twins "Freddie and Sebbie" this Christmas, not only to educate them, but also as I'm sure they're going to look outstanding in the children's bedroom, sat up side by side on the twin's toy hammock."

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