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Manchester, UK; 13, November 2014: Over the last couple of years there’s been a huge increase in online video consumption. This increase is largely due to the growth of mobile devices and mobile broadband. Online video and its relationship with mobility is one of the biggest technological trends in recent years. 

Internet users now have the technology to watch high quality video content, anywhere, anytime and from any device. Did you know online video accounts for nearly 70% of all global Internet traffic? If you’re not meeting the needs of internet users by having video available when they search for your business online you could be missing out on potential leads and sales. 

Online video is a highly effective medium to inform, influence, educate and entertain both prospects and customers. If you monitor the traffic to your website and see that a good percentage of visitors are leaving without making an enquiry, you may want to consider having an explainer video to further engage them. 

An explainer video is an online video that explains a product or service in a clear, concise and simplistic way. Internet explorers don’t want to be reading through chunks of textual content, they want the information they seek delivered quickly and effectively and video does just that! 

An explainer video can ensure only the most essential information is communicated to the viewer with all unnecessary ‘white noise’ avoided that real life footage can contain. Find out how video can benefit your business and visit Reel Effect Today. 

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