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Alexander Liccione – A Master of Our Times Alexander Liccione

14, November 2014: Born in Rochester, New York, Liccione began his art career at the young age of six. Alex Liccione was awarded an Art Scholarship at that time, a program for young emerging artists, at the prestigious Rochester Memorial Art Museum. Later traveling and spending years overseas to attain further insight, and experience into the realm of the art worlds masterful experts. That was the beginning of a great career, and an exceptional addition to the artistic world.

Benches New York Liccione

Liccione's artistic style seems to have its roots embedded in the "Old World". The flourishing strokes of his brush can be seen in most of his earlier works. With the paintings that seem to give a true feel for life, as though you were actually looking at a photograph, the details are painted so vividly! Over years of producing gifted painting he has evolved into a skillful master of the canvas with his own unique style and concepts.

Central Park Liccione

While some of Alex Liccione’s works are filled with masterful expressions of color that make you take notice of the grandeur created within the frame, others pieces hold such simplicity of starkness that you cannot help but drift along the flowing tide of his brush. Carried into the wholly astounding scenes that the artist depicts upon his canvas, you will find yourself engrossed by the arousing subjects and the inciting display of pure talent.

Liccione Stairs New York Painting

Liccione is easily one of the Great Masters of our time. He brilliantly conveys to the eye of the seeker his conscientious view of an intricate world. The timbre of stunning portraits and the honest, heart-felt warmth of our brave military men create a perplexing mix of pride and humbleness. The various series’ of subjects and themes in this artist’s collection will not leave an art connoisseur with any doubt as to his abundant talent and enriching charm.

Aside from his many remarkably prodigious paintings, I personally find the scenes that display the character of the winter ground to be among my favorites. The ease in which Alex Liccione presents a snow covered wonderland makes me yearn for a leisurely stroll through the sleeping woods of winter. Eagerly, I wait to see what this exceptional artist will create next.

Liccione has become one of the great names among his peers and is viewed as one of the greatest artists to ever put brush to canvas.

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Written by HP Phillips

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