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Zawles Launches His New Song Featuring Ria Rosae

United States of America; 15, November 2014: Spunky rap artist Zawles is out with his new single 'Who's Laughing Now' with his trademark vocals and strong lyrics. The song features R&B sensation Ria Rosae who has come to limelight with her typical core soul music. 

The song presented by Digilife is set to rock the music world especially the rap artists. Zawles is known for his fast paced singing that has made him fast growing sensation in the hip-hop genre. He is also prolific in singing with his silky tone creating a wave of soul music amongst his fans. 

He always had the affinity towards rhyming from a very early age and it was only when he moved to New York that he started pursuing his abilities to make a career out of it. He gained instant notoriety after he launched his first mix-tape Hustler’s Redemption that was widely accepted by his takers. 

His latest song 'Who's Laughing Now' is based on his core musical skills and contemporary jazz music that also has a separate vocal piece from Ria Rosae who has featured previously in other music albums as well. She has a loyal fan base as she is making waves in the rap industry being the few women who have shown the dare to venture out all by herself under Dig Life Music Management. She is known for her smooth singing and powerful lyrics. 

The hot new music from Zawles and Ria Rosae is already creating quite a wave as the rap lovers are grooving to their tune. Zawles is a prominent name in the various rap battles that is common in the American arena and the flawless rapper has gained a lot of fame amongst HipHop Djs from his previous song 'Battlemode'. 

His rapping skills are videoed and available on YouTube and iTunes store that the viewers can check. The singer has earlier shelled hits like Girl You Got It and Imma Keep Pushing. He has also subjected his song Lyrical Gun Assault from the famous 2Pac Street Fame Remix. 

His personal website www.zawles.com has all his upcoming events and world tours. He also has a special section where he sells his exclusive personalized merchandizes for the people to buy. The site also gives a record of his previous singles chart and videos that can be viewed. His tweets and latest social updates are also displayed in his private website that is open to public. 

His latest hot new hiphop song 'Who's Laughing Now' is playing in the charts and has received positive reviews. It is been watched and heard by the rap lovers over and over again and is expected to rise up in the U.S Singles Chart Rankings. 

About Zawles: 

Website: www.zawles.com 

The singer-rapper is out with his new song Who’s Laughing Now that also features young singer Ria Rosae. The music is presented by Diglife and collaborates Toronto with Long Beach California 

Song stream link: https://soundcloud.com/mega-cityvip/zawles-ft-ria-rosae-whos-laughing-now 

iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/whos-laughing-now-feat.-ria/id937026361

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