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Winstar Plastic manufactures and sells recycled plastic products

China; 15, November 2014: Recycled plastic products come in multiple uses. There are extensive uses of plastic products including beverage containers, food containers, grocery bags, trash bags, utensils, plastic cups, diapers and children toys. Even the appliances, automobiles, computers and furniture items also contain plastics. Shenyang Winstar Plastic Co. Ltd is a company involved in the manufacturing and supplying of recycled plastic made products. It has a certified quality management system and international product testing standards. 

The plastic marine fenders by Winstar plastic are an entirely new technology product. It uses the wasted polythene as the key material fitted with fibreglass reinforcement bars for increasing strength. Some of the main features of these products are strength, corrosion and decay resistant, non-rusting, weather resistant and longevity. It requires low maintenance and could conveniently replace wooden or rubber fenders. These marine plastics are environment friendly and recyclable. Installation method for these is simple and won’t give rise to any complication in future. 

The China based company also offers high quality recycled plastic lumber for customers. It includes plastic planks, plastic decking, plastic fencing, plastic paneling, street furniture, posts, wheel stops. The planks are useful in form of beams, decking and handrails of any bridge for walking. These are UV resistant, water proof and require low maintenance. It is available in multiple colours and dimensions to meet customer requirements in more ways than one. Winstar products could easily replace wood and rubber products. Thus, wood and natural rubber could be saved for better uses. Apart from protecting the natural resources, it will also reduce the consumption of forest resources. 

Winstar recycled plastic products can be used as wharf protection using simple construction methods. All of its consumer goods have matched the ASTM standard that ensures the production to delivery stage control securely. With its abundant technical competence, the company has won seven patents and one extra patent is under checking. There are over 80 product categories which provide better performance than similar rubber or wooden products. Winstar offers expert solutions of plastic made products without damaging natural habitat and marine environment. 

The products of the company are exported to countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Hong Kong, UK and France. Their quality and performance have been recognized and valued by new and old customers. It relies on customer feedback to set up good cooperation through after sales services. Most of the recycled products can be installed easily at lower costs. 

About Shenyang Winstar Plastic Co. Ltd: 


Shenyang Winstar Plastic Co. Ltd offers a wide range of recycled plastic products through end to end research and production. It uses internationally certified technological systems and quality standards to deliver customers with nothing short of value for money products. Visit the website for more information on the recycled products offered.

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