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Gamers Praise Throne Rush Cheats Tool For Protection From Getting Detected

Ever since its release, throne rush has gathered over a million users and the number keeps increasing every day. Throne rush is a game set in the medieval ages where players protect their castles by constructing building and amassing armies to protect their thrones. As the game progresses, the tasks become harder and many players have been known to get stuck for days or even weeks in the harder levels unable to complete their tasks. Recently, Fbgamecheats.org announced a new hack tool called throne rush cheats for players looking for easy level-ups without spending so much time.

According to Fbgamecheats.org, their Throne Rush Cheats tool can help gamers by providing infinite resources to battle opponents with stronger armies. The cheats tool has a user friendly interface and provides multiple platforms for gamers. To use the Throne Rush Cheats tool, players only need to provide their email and game ids. The Connect tab establishes a secure connection to the official game server and once that is done, gamers can hack for gems, food, fast building etc.

Besides the connect tab, The Throne Rush Cheats tool has the “Add Cheats” tab which has 5 options that include “Add gems”, “Add food” and “Add gold”.  The Add gems add food and add gold options fill the players’ accounts with the required amount of gems, food and gold every time they access Throne Rush.

According to Fbgamecheats.org/facebook-game-cheats/throne-rush-cheats-free-gems, two safety options are available for the players. These safety options, namely the Safe mode and Use proxy, applies anti-ban measures and ensures that the payers remain anonymous. Fbgamecheats.org/facebook-game-cheats/throne-rush-cheats-free-gems recommends using the Safe mode before activating throne rush cheats on iOS and Android devices while the Use proxy option is only for Facebook users. The website stressed that it is very important to use these safety measures in order to use Throne rush cheats tool safely and efficiently. To get more information please go to http://fbgamecheats.org/facebook-game-cheats/throne-rush-cheats-free-gems/

About Fbgamecheats.org/facebook-game-cheats/throne-rush-cheats-free-gems

Fbgamecheats.org/facebook-game-cheats/throne-rush-cheats-free-gems provides an easy to understand guide on how to use The Throne Rush Cheats tool. Users can also download the free tool from the website.

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