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Jouluna.fi/joulupukki gives readers a Deeper Look At Finnish Santa Claus

Christmas in Finland is a unique celebration. The Finnish Christmas traditions are centered on the family and home. The warmth of the family home and the jollity of the season are brought out amidst the cold of winter. Finland is also home to Santa Claus, the beloved jolly man in red who brings wonderful gifts to children all over the world. Santa Claus plays an important part in making Christmas even more special for children. Jouluna.fi/joulupukki, an online resource for Christmas gift ideas and more, provides readers with an overview of the legend of Santa Claus and why he plays such an important role in small children’s lives.

According to Jouluna.fi/joulupukki, Santa Claus embodies the spirit of love and generosity. Santa’s kindness and generosity touches both kids and adults and he brings back the nostalgia of childhood for the adults. Believing in Santa, helps keep the innocence of youth alive in children. Parents know that Santa Claus represents the real meaning of Christmas, the spirit of giving from the heart. The legend of Santa Claus tells the story of St. Nicholas, a bishop, who was known for his generosity towards children and the poor. It is believed that he secretly entered homes through windows and left gifts for the children as they slept. By keeping the spirit of Santa alive, children can learn the importance of giving selflessly.

Jouluna.fi/joulupukki, further elaborates on the tradition of Santa Claus in Finland. “Joulupukki” means “Yule buck” and according to legends, was an evil, goat-like being who did not give any gifts but demanded children’s good behavior. For unknown reasons, this evil creature changed into a much gentler and kinder character, which closely resembled the more traditional version of Santa Claus. Finland is one of the few countries where children can actually see Santa Claus delivering the presents. To get more information please go to http://jouluna.fi/joulupukki

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Jouluna.fi/joulupukki is an information based website where visitors can find various articles about Christmas traditions in Finland. They can also find Christmas poems and Christmas gift ideas.


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