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The Bug Free Mind Process Proven In Over 110 Countries Worldwide Now Offers

18, November 2014: The Bug Free Mind Process is presently available in English, but even those who class English as their 3rd or 4th language are still enjoying it. The system is described as helping to offer flexibility from discomfort, joy and success to the world...

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Best Seller author Andy Shaw has explained his system called The Bug Free Mind as a process that takes people on a journey with their own mind, throughout which they will find out ways to change chaotic thinking with structured thinking. In an interview with him about his recent successes he said ... "when you first read this it seems like hard work, however it's not.

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We have actually been taught everything in this world except ways to use our minds to produce results without effort. A few people can do this without thinking, however the substantial majority of us have never actually been trained how to do it."

According to Mr Shaw people his website visitors are people who understand that there is something missing with the method we are taught and what to think. He informed me that the real trouble is that up til now the entire world of education has only managed to teach us 'what to think,' however never ever before have we been taught 'how to think.'

He went on to explain that as children all of us did possess a natural capability to be successful, and stated ... "the hardest thing we will have ever done was learn to walk, and all of us managed to do that. Nevertheless, if a grownup needed to learn how to walk then it would be virtually impossible for them to accomplish it. The natural success state of mind all of us had as children has actually been programmed out of us. So to learn how to easily attain success we have to find out ways to utilize the best asset we have ever been given ... our minds."

Intrigued, I asked him how would he explain the bug free mind process in a nutshell, and he explained ... "before people actually learn how to think, they are in effect just loading software onto a computer system with a virus. How the Bug Free Mind Process works is, it clears off all the viruses and gives a person back the frame of mind they had when they were a Bug Free child."

With the system having helped so many people from so many different countries from around the world, I asked Andy for his suggestions about the best way for people to make use of the the bug free mind process or whether he could simply explain the system in laymen terms, and he said ... "there are 4 main aspects to the complete system, being written, audio, video & community. Each one is stand alone and consists of almost all of the process in each. So for example if you simply get one part of the system, it will be enough (you are not missing out).

The reason why there are several methods is to guarantee both a quick change, and a long-term one. My typical customer is on their 3rd time with the process, with many over 10 times, and some are now on their 30th+ time through. So this is not something you are just aiming to buy, and then read through to just add more information into your mind. One of the key parts of the process is in fact repetition, as well as studying it through the 4 different elements I mentioned before."

Andy rounded off by stating that if cash was a concern, then the best way to get started would be to just read the first five chapters of, "A bug free mind" available free of charge here: http://likeanshare.com/

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