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Shawn Finkelstein Launches SFScoop – A Team Building Social Network

19, November 2014: Shawn Finkelstein announced the launch of a new social network named SFScoop for helping people in building their work teams in a small press meet here today. The site is created by the San Francisco Convention and Meeting Planners with the aim to help people with similar professional backgrounds and mindset to create a team and work on their projects. The site has already started accepting new members. 

According to the sources, SFScoop is the complete network with real time communications and document sharing features. Shawn, the founder of the platform, is a certified meeting professional with a background in special events and trade shows. 

Experts confirm that there has been a sort of revolution in the concept of communication in recent past and internet played a vital part in the same. At present, a number of social networking platforms are helping users to connect with others easily across the world. What makes SFScoop different from others is the fact that is dedicated to communications related to professionals of different fields and comes with a range of features that aids them in communicating faster and in a better way. 

Speaking to media, Shawn said, "We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our new social networking platform for users across the globe. Here you can share your vision, build your team and change the world. The social media platform provides the team members opportunity to connect and communicate with others on a more personal point. We understand that in a high performance team, the members only concentrate on their project all through the day. Later when they get back to home, the teams break up." He further added,"Our aim is to provide the members a unique platform to connect with their team on better way via our new team building network." 

About SFScoop: 

SFScoop is new social networking platform that allows people to connect with their team members in a better way. The team building social network is launched by San Francisco Convention and Meeting Planners. 

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Shawn Finkelstein
Address: San Francisco Convention & Meeting Planners
San Francisco, CA
E-Mail: admin@sfscoop.com
Website: http://sfscoop.com/

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