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Thevenus.net Publishes Review of The Venus Factor

Thevenus.net recently published a review of the Venus Factor on their website. Site visitors can find an objective and comprehensive review of this weight loss and body transformation program for women only. Many women complain about diets and weight loss programs that only focus on weight loss without addressing the real issue of shaping their bodies. Through this review, they will learn about The Venus Factor and how it works to give women their naturally attractive body shapes.

According to Thevenus.net, the Venus Factor was specifically designed keeping in mind, the physique and metabolism of the female body. The weight loss and body transformation program has been created by John Barban, a celebrated fitness professional and world-class expert in nutrition. After years of research on understanding the physiology of the female body, he created a weight loss program that works by decreasing Leptin resistance in the body.  The program, without being condescending, explains the different problems that women face whilst trying to lose weight.

The Venus Factor consists of five parts and each of it tackles a different factor in the user’s lifestyle or body which is causing a higher than normal resistance to Leptin. Since Leptin is the main hormone that controls the amount of fat burned in a body, it becomes vital to keep the levels of Leptin in a body high by consuming food that promote Leptin. The five parts of the Venus Factor consists of the essential fat-loss diet guide, the fat-burning 12-Week Workout Program, The Virtual Nutritionist Software App, The Venus Index Podcast and The Venus Community.

Thevenus.net further recommends the Venus Factor over other weight loss program as it has been specifically designed for women. The program is very easy to follow and the workouts and diet plan involved in this program are actually doable and produces long lasting results. The Venus Factor has been lauded by women all over the world due to its success and permanent results. To get more information please go to http://thevenus.net/

About Thevenus.net

Thevenus.net is a review website for The Venus Factor, a weight loss program created only for women. The program works on a simple principle of reducing Leptin resistance in the body.



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