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Guangzhou Xindy Animation manufactures and designs cinema equipments

China; 20, November 2014: The cinema experiences have elevated to a different level with the intervention of cutting edge technology. Apart from enjoying the views and scenes, people are often transported to a different world altogether. It is the age of sound effects, motion, effects of smoke, rain, wind, bubbles and snow to create that unforgettable thrilling atmosphere. Guangzhou Xindy Animation Technology Co., Ltd features a wide range of products and cinema equipments across 5D, 6D, 7D and 9D systems. There are 12-seater equipments, truck mobile hydraulic system park cabin equipment and many more products in this range. 

The 5D cinema is filled with different effects for transporting the people in a fun and fantasy land. Jaw dropping surprises and unfolding in the form of visual and sound effects concludes into a sensational once in a lifetime experience. This virtual reality is created by Xindy Animation company’s cinema equipments which are also exported to various destinations in Europe and America. The core part control systems and mechanism is developed and offered to buyers at reasonable prices. 

Xindy Animation sells 7D cinema equipments like motion effect seat simulators, 9 seater hydraulic systems, and others. This kind of cinema has interactive technology to provide the next-gen movie experience. The special equipments provided by the company combine in a way to play on human perceptive organs. These set ups can be installed across multiple spaces like supermarkets, shopping malls, playgrounds, parks, walking streets. The investment required is convenient including 20-40 square land. The employees of the company have the 15 years of experience in dealing with hydraulic technology development. 

In the 9D cinema range, Xindy Animation has nine seater hydraulic system and various interactive technology equipments. The screen happenings indulge the audiences into a world of virtual reality created by these cinema equipments. Motion effect seat simulators, luxury seaters and other system mechanisms can be installed at small investment across various locations. Cinema theatre, cinema system, truck and park cabins are all manufactured with strict inspection of raw materials to ensure best quality products. 

Xindy Animation also provides after sales service to ensure complete satisfaction for customers. The cinema equipments for 5D, 6D and 7D come with a year of international warranty for different parts. Customers are provided with support and assistance through the web connectivity. Engineers of the company are ready to fix up, stabilize and maintain whenever a problem arise. The maintenance procedure of these cinema equipments is simple with regular grease of spray oil on the axis. 

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Guangzhou Xindy Animation Technology Co., Ltd. is whole heatedly involved in designing and manufacturing of full set cinema systems. It has dedicated professionals complete devoted to research and development on this field. Visit the website for more information on the products offered. 

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