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A Third of Women Would Prefer to Pick Their Engagement Ring

21, November 2014: A staggering statistic recently revealed that one third of engaged or married women would have preferred to choose their own engagement ring. Not only that, but the OnePoll survey also declared that one sixth of these women were disappointed when they saw their ring for the first time, even despite the fact that almost half of them gave their partners a comprehensive idea of what they wanted.

F, from F&L Designer Guides, states that this news has got to be a blow to all prospective grooms to be, especially considering that picking an engagement ring, especially one of the more unusual engagement rings, is already notoriously difficult, and men are continually fighting the often-cited idea that ‘romance is dead’.

Two thirds of men in the survey revealed that unusual engagement rings that highlighted their partner’s taste were the main priority, and in this case women agreed wholeheartedly. For men however, this isn’t necessarily an easy undertaking, with one in three men also claiming to worry about the size of the ring, feeling the pressure that bigger was better. These men also stated that they felt a strong need to compete with others in order to maintain their reputation with peers and uphold their status.

Most men admit that the nerve-racking experience of choosing the perfect engagement ring had left them enduring sleepless nights and caused them more worry than the wedding itself. One in eight also admitted that, even once they chose the ring, they were not 100% happy with it. F believes that bespoke designing is the way to go and that F&L Designer Guides, the upbeat, positive online publication, will help to guide and inspire perspective buyers and persuade them that one-off unusual engagement rings will rarely fail.

The pressure on men to get the engagement ring just right is astounding, and although the survey concluded that the expected budgets of men and women were similar, taste was more important than value. Being so subjective, it is easy to see why men are panicked into buying the iconic engagement ring, with a third of those surveyed rushing their decision and choosing a ring within 2 days. Only 2% of men took more than three months to decide.

F&L Designer Guides want to take this stress away from all the chaps daunted by their engagement ring mission. They present a community of bespoke designers that pride themselves on working with clients to create unique and unusual engagement rings. Let the designer work with you to interpret your ideas, incorporate your budget and help you enjoy the journey, whether you are buying a surprise engagement ring or are a couple choosing from the many design options for unusual engagement rings together.

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F&L Designer Guides provide all you need to know about choosing an engagement ring designer. Showcasing some of the UK’s best designers, along with tips, advice and inspirations for choosing that perfect ring, the F&L Designer Guide is the first stop for choosing that perfect ring.

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