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Move over Kijiji…here comes Swapmommy! Bartering your old stuff for better stuff made super easy!

21, November 2014: If you use Craigslist or Kijiji to buy or sell your stuff, then Swapmommy wants you! From the same creators of the Harmony Universal Remote Control, Clickfree Automatic Backup, and Kooboodle Cloud Service, a new app called Swapmommy has just launched for your Apple and Android devices that makes it super easy to trade your old stuff for awesome new stuff! 

Swapmommy is the easiest app to trade your old stuff for better stuff, like iPhones, iPads and trips to the Caribbean, all already posted by users! The app features seamless, anonymous browsing of various posts for items people want and items that people are willing to trade. By having both wants and haves, it makes it easy to facilitate fast and interesting trades. 

Swapmommy lets members create an inventory of goods and services and a wish list of desired items. Users can anonymously browse the lists belonging to other users and begin bartering, trading, and scaling up. The app is available to download immediately in the Google and Apple app stores, just in time for the Christmas season. 

With a tagline of "Swap instead of Shop" and an emphasis on the green initiative of extending the life of reusable goods, the new Swapmommy app seeks to change the way consumers deal with their items. Unlike classified sites that force users to enter a lot of information just to post an item, Swapmommy is fast and easy. And, by listing what users want and have, it’s easy to find the perfect people that are looking for what you want or what you have. 

"Not everyone has a lot of disposable cash, but everyone has lots of stuff," states Bryan McLeod, CEO. "This stuff may or may not be useful to them, and that’s the stuff we want to maximize for people. We wanted to give people an easy way to trade that stuff for better stuff." 

The creators challenge users to post as much stuff that is transient as possible. They remind users that the great majority of things we own may not be maximized to their fullest, and there may be other things that could provide more value than their existing items. They suggest getting more value from your items by putting them up for swap and getting items of higher value in return. The app also has added features such as a friends and family list, notifications, and a strong privacy policy that allows users to maintain anonymity until a trade is about to take place. 


Users register (accounts can be set up easily by porting information from Facebook) and use an anonymous username that they will post and swap with. Users add items to their inventory and want list, browse others’ listings, and initiate (or respond to) swaps. When swaps are accepted users can then exchange information and set up a meeting location to exchange the goods and services. 


The app makes adding inventory items simple and fast, which is good when you consider all you have that you could possibly list (including both goods and services). And it’s just as easy to add items to your want list. All you have to do is take a photo within the app without having to worry about various extra fields that Swapmommy makes optional, like description or keywords. It is easy to add photos by taking a photo with your phone or choosing an existing photo from your camera roll, but you can also select Other/No Photo. Both your haves and wants are searchable by the Swapmommy community, making it easy to find people that want what you have or have what you want. 


Browsing in the SwapMommy app is anonymous (for both you and the other users). You can browse lists of what others have as well as what users want. You can specify proximity (everywhere, within 100km, or within 20km), category, and by keyword. You can add the items you find to your want list, or decide to initiate a trade. 


The three stages of swapping are Proposing, Accepting, and Completing. When a user finds an item they are interested in they can select "Propose a trade". This allows the user to add items from their inventory (or cash) to the proposed trade. Since the trade proposer can see what the other user has on their want list, the offer can be more relevant than if you had no idea what the other’s interests were. It is also easy to add cash offers to sweeten up the deal. Once you propose the trade the other party can counter, accept, or decline the offer. Personal information is not exchanged until both parties have agreed on the trade, and at that point you decide what information to give (you can meet at a central location and never exchange home addresses). 


An interesting part of the app is a Friends and Family feature. Users can connect with close friends and family to see exactly what they want and what they have. "I hear this, and ask this myself, several times a year ‘what do you want for Christmas?’ or ‘what do you want for your birthday?’" explains McLeod. "Now with Swapmommy, there’s no more guessing. I connect with my family and friends and I can see exactly what each wants, and they can see exactly what I want." 


Swapmommy is owned and operated by Storage Appliance Corporation, makers of the award-winning Clickfree external hard drives and backup software, and the newly launched cloud service, Kooboodle. Innovation is the hallmark of Storage Appliance Corporation – continually adding value in product and services with an emphasis on creating great user experiences. Swapmommy is the easiest way to trade stuff for better stuff. Kooboodle is a photo-centric online storage site that facilitates simple yet advanced automated features for the sharing, exchanging and collection of photos. With Kooboodle you get the photos you've always wanted from friends and family, securely and privately. 


Swapmommy is free to join and easy to use. Visit www.swapmommy.com to get more information. Swapmommy is available for iOS and Android mobile phones and tables immediately in the Apple and Google app stores. 

For more information, please visit www.swapmommy.com

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