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Pioneering App Makes Invoice Tracking Easy

21, November 2014: A transformative new company is helping businesses keep cash flows in line with an ultra-useful new application which actively monitors overdue invoices. Launched by invoicing and time management company Nutcache, PRO allows users to simplify employee timesheets, easily monitor unpaid invoices and issue reminders in a matter of seconds. This free invoice software ultimately helps individuals and businesses to save time, slash administration expenses and get paid faster. It’s simple, free and set to be a staple in the accounts offices of businesses across the nation. 

A spokesperson says, "Our innovative new service is a godsend for freelancers and invoice issuing businesses who are continually faced with the age old excuse of "we lost your invoice." Using Nutcache PRO, users can put an end to these widely felt issues and ensure that invoices are paid on time, every time." 

The next generation software is embedded with a range of key features which make the entire experience wonderfully streamlined. An easy to read display invoices feature page allows users to easily view and overdue invoices and spend less time compiling a list of late payers. An automated sent reminders function immediately issues prompts when a client fails to pay, a feature that instantly improves business cash flow and helps keep the books accurate and up to date. For users wanting to refine their budget managing strategy the view report function offers invaluable statistics on a client’s payment behaviour. This allows users to maximise the effectiveness of their budgets and ensure that cash flow is in a constant state of positivity. 

While there is a paid version available Nutcache has also ensured its free users are treated to a range of fantastic features. The ability to duplicate existing invoices and estimates rapidly reduces administration times, the option of unlinking worked hours and expenses from an invoice and assign them to another enhances flexibility while the capacity to add clients and suppliers without an email address ensures that users can use Nutcache PRO for every client. Also on the horizon are an array of additional extras including recurring invoices, invoice templates and project tracking. Invoicing for freelancers and small businesses doesn’t get easier than this. For those that wish to experience the advanced features and sophisticated highlights of the paid version Nutcache is currently offering a FREE 30 day trial of PRO for absolutely no obligation. The cutting edge version allows businesses to take their enterprise to the next level with prices starting at just US$14 per month. 

The multilingual service is available in over 10 languages making it a truly global all application for budget savvy businesses across the globe.
To find out more about Nutcache PRO and take advantage of the limited 30 day FREE trial, visit the website at: 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Nutcache
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nutcache
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nutcache

About Nutcache PRO: Launched by invoicing and time management company Nutcache, PRO is a next generation application designed to help businesses keep on top of unpaid invoices. The company is currently offering a free 30 day trial service for customers wishing to check out the ultra-sophisticated Nutcache PRO service.

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