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Stealth Plate Store Announces New Stealth License Plates & Other Products for Month of November

21, November 2014: There could be several instances when a car owner may feel the need of hiding the license plate of the vehicle. Now, anyone can become a James Bond and can deceive a chaser by changing the original number plate by simply pushing a button. Stealth Plate Store now brings a new license plate flipper that can allow a person to change his/her car’s number plate, very quickly. They have added several new products for the month of November that can be very useful for the car owners. 

The European Version flipper is a device that contains two number plates. One can push a button to rotate the number plates and interchange them. This way, one can hide the original number plate and the duplicate one will become visible. The product is easy to install and it takes just a few seconds to change the number plate. 

The spokesperson of the company maintains that the license plate hide kit is another adorable product added to the November collection. The kit is available at a discount price, and one can use a remote control to quickly hide the original number plate, when needed. The device is easily installable and one may require hardly a few minutes to install it. The kit can easily be installed in a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans and others. When someone pushes the button, the number plate becomes invisible as a shield hides the number plate, and it hardly takes two seconds in the process. The kit allows to hide both front and rear plates simultaneously or one at a time. 

Another new device in the collection is the new stealth license plate frame, which can be used to hide license plates instantly. The frame allows to hide both front and rear plates separately or simultaneously. It works appropriately, even if the vehicle is moving at a great speed. It consists of an LED controller that shows the status of the number plates to the driver of the vehicle. 

According to the spokesperson, the products added in the new collection are powerful devices for the modern vehicle owners. One can learn more about the devices, their specifications and features by visiting the website http://www.fliptheplate.com/ 

About Stealth Plate Store: 

Stealth license plate store sells the most advanced stealth license plates on the market. 

Their flipping licensed plate device allows two license plates, and with just a flip of a switch, one can flip the original plate down to a 180 degree angle “Out of Sight". It functions with just an easy push of a button on the remote control of the curtain model license plate hide cover frame, and the front and rear license plate become covered and invisible. The products are designed for European, Russian, US, Australia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia automotive license plates. 

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