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A Recent Study Speaks On Ups and Downs Of Social Media Interaction

21, November 2014: Social media has revolutionized the way we do communication. For mothers all over the world, the social media has become an effective tool and getting and relaying information which in return empowers their current social status, or not. 

Statistics reveal that inasmuch as there are mommies who benefit from social media there are also those who feel stressed about it. Here are some of the ups and downs encountered by mommies through the use of social media. 

The Ups 

Information Gateway-All the information that a mother needs from a simple recipe to the proper first aid procedure for choking is readily accessible through social media. Plus, mothers can get information from forums about how to deal with a certain situation. 

Shopping Made Easy-Whether you’re a mother or not, you can definitely thank the techno gods for inventing social media because you can get items that are not being sold in stores but is readily available through social media. 

The Happiness of Sharing Lifetime Moments-Almost every Face book or Instagram user has shared some milestones in their life to the public. The momentary joy of sharing candid photos and getting likes for it is considered priceless 

These are just few of the benefits that mothers get from using social media. Admittedly however, with the ups comes the downs. According to various survey, here are some of the let downs mothers all over the world think about using social media. 

The Downs 

Pressure to Look Perfect- Admit it or not, every person only posts their best shot. Only a few brave souls will dare to post their pictures at their ugliest moment. Statistics reveal that mothers often feel the pressure to look perfect because of what they see in Face book or other social media mediums. This sometimes often leads to family stress. 

Getting Too Much Unwanted Information- There are certain individuals who post too much status updates of pictures about their kids. That can be a tad annoying for mothers or any viewers who almost see those pictures and read those status every day. Because of these friends un-friend friends or hide them which might cause a rift between the parties. 

Counterproductive Advises- Joining groups or forums are popular way of interacting with people in social media. Say for example a breastfeeding group of mothers have their page in Face book where members can ask advice. Some will give you just the information you need while others give you more than you need. Sometimes, majority of them are too opinionated borderline arrogant. Instead of being helpful, the information you get confuses you. In the end, the advice you sought is not given at all. 

All of these downs sometimes compel mothers to totally abandon or shut off from social media. 

End Note: 

Social media in the life of mothers have ups and downs. It’s just a matter of balancing what you read and getting what you need from the social media. 

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