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Upcoming Seasonal Festivals in Sicily

25, November 2014: Anyone who has booked a stay in one of the excellent Sicily villas over the next few months will have the opportunity to experience a variety of traditional festivals. The local people will be displaying their religious devotion, revelling in the spirit of Christmas and celebrating the arrival of springtime in a range of events. Visitors can gain a fresh appreciation for the Sicilian lifestyle while enjoying the company of the hospitable local residents.

Upcoming Calendar of Events in Sicily

The Sicilian faithful will congregate in honour the Virgin Mary on the 8th of December. A decorative golden statue is traditionally carried through the illuminated streets and choral performances are held in historic churches. Visitors will be able to watch magnificent firework displays and pay their respects.

Deep religious sentiment will also be displayed during the Feast of Saint Lucy, which runs from the 13th to the 20th of December. The great statue of Saint Lucy will be carried aloft during a mass procession through the streets of Syracuse. Sermons will be given and the marching bands will play a variety of traditional Sicilian tunes. The statue will eventually be returned to the impressive Duomo Cathedral in time for the commencement of the Christmas celebrations.

Anyone renting Sicily villas will be in for a real treat if they book to stay on Christmas day. A mouthwatering selection of festive fare will be available from the renowned restaurants in cities such as Palermo and Catania. Travel experts say many families choose to stay on and celebrate the turn of the New Year as well.

Sicily will be awash with myriad magnificent colours during the spring. Visitors from all over the world are expected to arrive in anticipation of the annual Almond Blossom Festival, held in Agrigento. The locals will perform theatrical and musical displays in the gentle shade of almond trees, and prizes will be given to the most talented and elegantly dressed performers.

Visitors staying in Sicily villas will also have the chance to sample delicious traditional culinary delights during the Riccotta Festival.

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