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Artistry of Master Painter Alex Liccione – Old World Techniques With A New World Heart

25, November 2014:

The Art of Alex Liccione

Written by Danni Hyser

Imagine you stepped into a universe that was identical to a beautiful colored 1950s film; vibrant but almost jarring in the tones and how they settled around you. Even the very air would exude a sense of vintage and an entirely unique world. Progressing through the works of Mr. Liccione you will find yourself in this very universe and it is enchanting with even a small hint of unsettling.

Alex arch Paintings Liccione

There's a small sense of wonder when you initially adjust to Liccione's trademark color schemes and then a strange sense of emotion when you take the time to connect with the artworks details and meaning. Master Artist and Painter Alex Liccione's architectural series of paintings are finely crafted to show a knowledge of line work, but use an assortment of pale washed golds and blues to really drive home the contrast and mood the painting is meant to invoke. Almost all of them are identifiable or important places in the world and give you this amazing new appreciation for how someone else views the same place you view.

Alex Liccione Artist Paintings Military

Often Liccione uses a varied angle to show a new take on something that is very much physically, a certain structure. You are given a view of the small details in such enormous piece that you start to wonder just how much you're really missing out on in life when you don't stop to appreciate the minuet but just as important parts. While Alex Liccione's scenery transports you into the very moment of that spot and place in time, his portrait works give you a little snapshot of a moment you didn't even know you missed.

Alex Liccione Realism painting Liccione

Most the paintings strike you with a feeling of familiarity that stirs inside your heart and reminds you of your own memories. Certain paintings seem to be catching someone in a small moment in a world of their own, or is it possibly sadness? It's easy to find yourself getting lost in the emotions of the person being portrayed.

Many of Alex Liccione's classic styled portraits make you feel like you've just found a trunk of old family photos and you're sorting through them wondering who they were and just what exactly their life was like. The paintings of the Master Artist and Painter Alex Liccione capture you with just this sparkle of human life and spend the rest of their display capturing your intrigue.

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