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New Paypal Coupon Codes in December 2014 aid online shoppers with savings

26, November 2014: PayPal coupon codes and deals are available on CheckBestCoupons.com. The website offers an array of deals for December 2014, including those for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Discounts are considerable and for people who shop using PayPal, the savings are high.

There are more than 90 deals available for the month of November using PayPal. There are percentage and dollar discounts, free shipping, buy one get one offers, promotional financing, and more. The PayPal deals and discounts are spread across an array of categories including apparel, books, digital entertainment, tools, home improvement, toys and more.

Anyone is able to obtain the discounts. CheckBestCoupons.com has loaded the deals on their site and they keep only the current ones available. The website prides themselves on having the most up-to-date list of PayPal coupon codes. Once expired, they are removed automatically as a result of programming the expiry into the computer code.

"I never worry about finding an expired coupon. I know if I go onto CheckBestCoupons.com, I will find everything organized and find only valid deals," comments Jamie, an online shopper from Salt Lake City.

The deals found at checkbestcoupons.com/eBay are updated as a result of receiving weekly emails directly from eBay and PayPal. The merchants sent out these emails as a way of promoting the deals. Jesus Sanchez, founder and owner of CheckBestCoupons.com, then works with an array of freelancers to update the website and ensure that all is organized.

"I want our site to be the go-to site for online shoppers. We spend a considerable amount of money making upgrades to the site. Current features include voting and comments that allow us to see what deals people are using and find out what other features are desired," comments Sanchez.

More than 10,000 consumers visit the site a month, exploring PayPal deals along with deals from eBay, Amazon, Walmart.com, and other top retailers.

"Couponing websites are hardly ever updated. The reason I used CheckBestCoupons.com is that I can rely on the deals I find and can see which deals people have used," comments Tom, an online shopper based in Detroit.

PayPal has grown considerably over the past several years. It is not only an electronic form of payment from one party to another. There is also the PayPal reader that allows people to collect credit payments from a mobile device. PayPal also features a MasterCard that makes it easy for people to pay for items from their PayPal account.

CheckBestCoupons.com is continuously evolving to meet the needs of online shoppers. All November deals are currently available on the website and many are valid through the month of December.

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