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Newport Coupons to Save Money on New Menthol Based Newport Cigarettes & Enjoy a Great Smoking Experience

Beijing, China, 26, November 2014: Health experts often warn against the harmful effects of smoking. Still a smoking addict finds it difficult to quit smoking. Now, people can opt for a less harmful and healthy smoking alternative, brought to them by China based Wintowintrade.com. They are offering Newport cigarettes that contain menthol, a fine quality blend of tobacco and small 0.2mg nicotine content. While it gives the same joy of smoking like a real cigarette, it significantly reduces the adverse effects that tobacco often has on the human health.

Besides, they are offering coupon codes as well to get the cigarettes at cost-effective prices. Moreover, they also offer free worldwide delivery for customers to receive cigarette cartons at their place in a timely manner. According to the spokesperson of the company, “The low cost often serves as the motivating factor for people to switch to a healthier smoking alternative. Moreover, we have packed cigarettes with the same taste, flavor and enjoyment that people expect from a real cigarette. This is the reason why the product is gaining popularity among the habituated smokers and they are gradually switching to it.”

The cigarettes offer refreshing methanol taste while one gets a sufficient amount of nicotine to feel the punch. One can enjoy a new Newport pleasure while remaining away from the health hazards that most tobacco based cigarettes are known to offer to the mankind. The Newport Cigarette contains a quality blend of tobacco that doesn’t cause any harm to the human health. The product has been designed for the modern consumers who are aware of the injurious effects of smoking, but are unable to quit the habit.

The Newport 100s Cigarettes are available in a carton of 10 packs of 20 cigarettes each. One can also choose from a variety of lengths, from Alabama Stamp to New York Stamps. Various sizes have been offered to meet the smoking requirements of different individuals. The products are made in the USA and meet all the standard production norms to provide the best quality product to the modern consumer. To learn more about the cigarettes or place an order, one may visit the website http://www.wintowintrade.com

About Wintowintrade.com:

Wintowintrade.com is an online supplier of electronic products and cigarettes. The online store supplies the latest electronic devices and healthy formulated cigarettes at wholesale prices. Customers can also find a wide range of smartphones, digital cameras, Apple devices, laptops, video game consoles, Plasma & LCD TVs, and a wide variety of cigarettes at the best prices for their online shopping.

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