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Animated Marine Calculation Apps Promise To Rock The Boat In Marine Industry

27, November 2014: SeaCalcs have just announced the launch of their first marine calculation app called the Barge Load Dwt Program, which will become available as an open program for 3 specific barge designs. The 3D free demo is already available for sea mariners to test on Android and IOS systems. This specific app has been designed to facilitate Masters, Marine Superintendents, and engineers calculate the loaded and discharged weight of cargo. According to the SeaCalcs team, this App saves the necessity for long-hand interpolation, and that the animated visuals would provide a true visual aspect in 3D.

Seacalcs Marine Apps

Three further marine calculation apps are currently being launched, and demos can already be seen on the official SeaCalcs Youtube channel. The first application is called the Anchor Pendant Buoy, also in 3D, and specially designed to help both the professional and recreational mariner. The 3D interface is designed to calculate the gross and reserve buoyancy with or without additional load in both US Standard and Metric calculations.

The Airlift Pump App is the second application in a series of Animated Marine Calculations for the professional and recreational mariner/diver, which can be used on mobile and tablets with Android and IOS systems. The latest App, called the 3D Gravity Block/Sinker Weight, has been designed to show the mass of the block, when totally immersed, which can be considerably less than when in air, whether for use as a mooring block or as a permanent sub-sea construction.

The SeaCalcs team has over 34 years experience working in the marine industry, specializing in salvage and wreck removal, offshore and coastal towage and anchor-handling, marine construction and dredging amongst other sectors. They say their aim is to provide the professional mariner, the recreational mariner and students alike with user friendly animated applications, allowing all information to be accessed on one screen, whether it be a cell phone or tablet, and with the ability to function offline. They explained that by inputting the fundamental information at hand, the results would be instant and accompanied by simultaneous animation, whereby allowing the user to have a lifelike visual aspect.

On the official SeaCalcs website it states that the applications provide an introduction about how to use the program, explaining in full detail the formula which have been used for each task and the results to be expected in the animation. They also say that all applications, formula and animation have been revised and approved by qualified professional naval engineers. More information about the animated marine calculation apps can be found here: http://www.seacalcs.com

The free demo launch app called Barge Load Dwt Program can be downloaded here: http://seacalcs.com/programs.html

Anyone wishing to be informed about the subsequent marine calculation apps to be launched over the coming months, just needs to send an email to marineapps@seacalcs.com

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Email: marineapps@seacalcs.com
Website: http://seacalcs.com
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