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David McLoughlin, Expert in Reclaimed Jewellery Joins F&L

03, February 2015: David McLoughlin is a craftsman in the truest sense of the word and he is one of the latest designers to join the F&L Designer Guide community of bespoke jewellery designers, whose aim is to bring handmade, bespoke engagement ring design to the London public. 30 years of experience has certainly stood this designer in good stead and his confidence in his craft is evident in the incredible dexterity with which he produces his collections.

What makes David McLoughlin even more appealing to the team at F&L is his experience in using reclaimed pieces of jewellery, stones and other items to create completely unique finished articles. He has even written a book ‘Jewellery Solutions’ that F, from F&L Designer Guides says is a fascinating read. The co-founder of F&L is drawn to the way David McLoughlin works with old and often antique pieces of jewellery to continue their life and morph them into new designs that still resonate with elements of the past, almost telling a story. “There is something quite special about having an engagement ring, for example, that has layers and a complexity to it that are created by its history, its very special present and its future too”, says F.

If you are a couple with an old piece of sentimental and possibly valuable jewellery that has been relegated to the back of a drawer just gathering dust, only because you don’t know what to do with it and it isn’t quite what you want for an engagement ring, then why not let David McLoughlin inspire its resurrection? F believes that there is no more solid a message for a couple sealing their future together than a ring that symbolises past, present and future. The ideology is certainly fitting!

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