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The Passion of Ruby Engagement Rings

05, February 2015: Daniel Gallie uses nature as a huge source of inspiration and it only took one glance at his incredible ruby engagement ring for a flood of images to enter my mind. I saw intertwining tree branches reaching for the sun, streams of water falling and becoming one, animals embracing to keep one another warm and so many more. 

Interlocking eternity ring that combines 3 different gold bands set with a vivid Ruby and Diamond by Daniel Gallie

Daniel’s work is so intrinsically crafted that I could look at it for hours. 

I was really excited to hear about his use of the cire perdue technique, which requires the designer to create the band in wax before casting it inside metal. The fact that this craft has been used since ancient times reaffirmed the mystical feel of nature I felt from his work. Using cire perdue allows Daniel to create extremely unique shapes as seen in this ruby engagement ring design. In this instance he has entwined gold and silver to represent interlocking eternity, and the effect is simply staggering. 

I watched F admiring the brilliance of the ruby. Engagement rings often incorporate large centre stones but Daniel has chosen a smaller gem, which F and I agree works perfectly with the woven band. The strong colouring of the stone gives off feelings of passion and love which are very suitable themes for an engagement ring. The diamond accents allow for the perfect amount of added sparkle without seeming overwhelming. 

I really enjoy the individuality Daniel brings to all of his designs. 

It certainly makes him a very memorable designer, and one whom we are very proud to have aboard the F&L team. I can see F finding the Italian flair of Daniel’s work more and more appealing and I must say, I agree! 

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