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Darkstar Risen – Proficient City’s Newest 3D Web Game

05, February 2015: Darkstar Risen is a 3D ARPG plugin, Demon MMORPG Game, as Proficient City’s leading 3D web game in 2015. This January, its beta test finally came to an end and launched official servers. Let’sdefy the demon hordes right from your browser in this crisp 3D Action RPG.

Darkstar Risen

It is said, a thousand years ago the Demon King invaded the world. Death devoured whole countries and cries of anguish could be heard all around the land. Fortunately, three great warriors were sent by the Archangel to stop the Demon King and fought bravely until they managed to seal him for eternity.

Demon MMORPG Game

To thank the heroes and to always remember this great battle, we built a monument in their name – the Archangel. 

Now, the Demon King has awoken again, and this time he is not taking chances. 

The Prophets pray to the Archangel hoping he will send its heroes again to save the world from destruction. And finally the Archangel spoke to them: “When death comes again, I’ll give my power to a man. And that man shall be the one to save your world from darkness.” 

The Prophet Society, under the blessing of the Archangel, are being trained to fight the demonic forces and they will forge wings for the chosen one to help him in his journey. 

In the game, you will be the chosen warrior. Your mission is to save the world. Start your journey from a little town and stop the demon invasion with your friends. You must stop the Demon King from rising again!

Demon King

Part of Features Dungeons: 

Chess Hall: The chess statues in the exhibition hall suddenly became alive! Rock City is calling all the warriors to arms to stop the chess statues. 

The Forgotten Tower: There are thousands of demon in here! This is the best place to improve your strength. Defeat the demons and climb to the top. 

Demonic Treasure: Countless treasures are hidden in the Demonic Treasure. And it is said that you can find Golden Scorpions too! 

Temple of Sin: Demons have hiddensome Mounts in the Temple. Defeat them all to get ancient Mounts! 

Atlantis: Team up with your friends to challenge the Tribal Zins in the mysterious Atlantis. You’ll find precious gems in the depths of the sea.


The Palace of Blood: Kill the demons in the Palace of Blood, defeat the Coffin Guardian and get the Angel Sword back. 

You are the chosen one. Are you ready? 

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