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AnyFlip Provides New Flipbook Creator, FREE High-Quality Publishing in Minutes

05, February 2015: Marketing and communication are key aspects to any business. AnyFlip is the go-to FREE publishing platform for businesses and writers worldwide. Over 200,000 publishers already trust the flipbook creator by AnyFlip, including Dell and Balfour Beauty. Founded in Hong Kong, AnyFlip now aims to offer the same high-quality PDF publishing in the United States. 

AnyFlip is filled with dozens of high-tech and efficient features- all free of cost to users. AnyFlip provides a protected and reliable server, allowing users to host and create unlimited publications. AnyFlip Cloud provides unlimited storage and is accessible through most devices. The viewing experience is more enhanced than ever before through HTML5 and jQuery technology. The platform supports a slew of media tools, including audio, video, and SWF. It is the perfect tool for those interested in creating high quality documents with animations and effects. 

AnyFlip PDF flipbooks are viewable on all major operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. Publishers have the option to share publications via multiple social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. AnyFlip will soon be viewable on both Android and Mac mobile devices. 

AnyFlip aids new users by providing in-depth tutorial videos to introduce the various tools. Users also have the option to publish either online or offline. They can opt to use pre-designed templates or customize their PDF flipbook from scratch with their own logo, backgrounds, and icons. Once the publications are designed, publishers can add a stunning homepage to display all of their publications. Once publications are created, users have the option to create a “bookshelf” to display their publications on their business website. 

AnyFlip provides an innovative way for businesses to promote and sell products online. Google Analytics is integrated into AnyFlip so businesses can track and analyze the demographics and purchases of their AnyFlip publication’s viewership. 

For more information on AnyFlip: http://anyflip.com/ 

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