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Whatiscashback.co.uk launches a new YouTube video ‘Rakuten UK’

London, UK, February 2015 – Whatiscashback.co.uk announces the launch of it’s latest video, ‘Rakuten UK’, which reviews one of the highest paying loyalty schemes in the UK, and reviews the website that is set to revolutionise online shopping in the UK.

Whatiscashback.co.uk has just launched a video called Rakuten UK.  Spokesperson for the website, Blanche Williams explains, “Here at ‘What Is Cashback’, we are all about added value to the online shopper, whether this may be from cashback that is available to customers, or to loyalty schemes. We want to make online shoppers aware of how they can get extra bang for their buck”.

Blanche adds, “It’s such a shame that there are so many people that do not realise the extra benefits that they can get from shopping online. Cashback is available from most retailers on the internet, so when you shop online over the course of a year, this money can really add up. On average, a frequent online shopper can expect to earn around £800 to £1,200 per year in cashback. If this shopper can get in the habit of purchasing everything through a cashback website, especially for large purchases such as holidays, insurance renewals, Christmas shopping etc., these online transactions will pay particularly high amounts back in cash. It’s important for online shoppers educate themselves, so they don’t miss out on money they are entitled to earn”.

Another important aspect to saving online is loyalty schemes. Blanche explains. “By signing up to certain loyalty schemes, and then regularly shopping through those specific websites, cash earnings in the form of points can really add up too. This is why we have made the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ASj2zDov8c about Rakuten UK, because it has just launched a loyalty system, called ‘Super Points’, which gives online shoppers back 1 point for every £1 spent”.

Expanding on this point, Blanche explains, “The Rakuten loyalty scheme pays the same amount of points as the current highest paying loyalty scheme in the UK. This shows that Rakuten means business, and values it’s customers. It also has an interesting online proposition as it is heavily into supporting local UK retailers, and to offering shoppers a diverse and interesting choice of goods. This is why at ‘What Is Cashback’, it is important for us to review the Rakuten UK website”.

There are many ways for the online shopper to save or earn extra cash, and ‘What Is Cashback’ is determined that UK online shoppers start to understand all the financial benefits that are available to them.

For more information, please visit http://whatiscashback.co.uk/rakutenuk

About Whatiscashack.co.uk – The website http://whatiscashback.co.uk/ was established in 2014, and it explains the benefits of cashback and loyalty schemes to online shoppers, so they are not missing out on extra cash they could be earning. The site also reviews the best cashback sites, and loyalty schemes, so shoppers can ensure they are then earning the maximum cash amount available to them.

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