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Boston-based Spoken English Practice announces its plans to expand in China

06, February 2015: Boston-based English language training program Spoken English Practice (www.spokenenglishpractice.com) on Wednesday announced its plans to expand to China in Q3 this year. 

Spoken English Practice’s Senior VP of Marketing, Jeff Napier attributes the company’s robust growth to a superior solution. 

"If you are a non native speaker, becoming fluent in English, is extremely hard. Once you achieve that beginner level, improving from there to an upper intermediate/advanced level in English speaking requires practicing with native English speakers. There is no short cut", he said. "We have paired more than 10,000 English language students with native conversation partners in the US during the last 3 years, and we have over a 98% customer satisfaction rate. That’s great testimony to how focused we have been on executing our mission of becoming the leading English Speaking training program in the world" 

"At Spoken English Practice, we believe that the key to becoming really fluent in English is immersing yourself in English and having real life conversations with native speakers as much as possible” Jeff said explaining their unique approach further. “Unfortunately, most English Speaking courses around the world still focus on teaching grammar rules and asking students to memorize vocabulary. As a result, you see a lot of non-native English speakers who are able to read and write well but not able to speak fluently. This is where the Spoken English Practice approach has really differentiated itself” 

About Spoken English Practice: 

Spoken English Practice is a leading Spoken English training program helping students from over 100 countries around the world improve their English communication skills. Learn more at www.spokenenglishpractice.com 

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