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Art Deco Aesthetics in Gold Engagement Rings

06, February 2015: As you can see by this beautiful design, rather than have a traditional, simplistic band Mairi Burrow makes the most out of her precious metals and they are really at the heart of her work’s individuality. It is her granulation technique in particular that I adore, especially as it reminds me of Art Deco design!

Delicate solitaire diamond ring by Mairi Burrow

If you want a bespoke designer who knows how to create spectacular gold engagement rings then look no further than Mairi Burrow.

With vintage style jewellery coming back into popularity recently, there have been plenty of Art Deco creations (both old and new!) which I have fallen in love with, especially when paired with precious metals. Mairi’s combination of gold and Art Deco design gives her work an even more authentic vintage feel. This design is so delicate and feminine, two traits which are reoccurring throughout Mairi’s work. I also adore the tone of yellow that she has used; in fact the colouring choices she makes for all of her gold engagement rings always catch my eye and intrigue me.

I found a lot of inspiration when looking at Mairi’s pieces, I’m even considering going for a two tone gold design after seeing how unique they look in her work. It is the feminine nature of the delicate gold band mixed with overtones of strength from the granulation that I believe really sum up mine and F’s relationship, so I know anything made by Mairi would have this amazingly personal feel to it!

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