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Serena Fox’s Elegant Gold Engagement Ring

06, February 2015: This engagement ring is beautiful in its simplicity and elegance and is very different to the work we are used to seeing from Serena. Usually she works with wax to create elaborate ring bands that complement unusual gemstones, but in this case she has done quite the opposite and created something very traditional.

Chicane diamond ring in 18 ct gold by Serena Fox

This chic design by Serena Fox confirmed to me what an eclectic designer she is.

It is the sign of an amazing bespoke designer to be able to create all different types of engagement rings and we were truly blown away by the variety of her work.

What I really love about this design is the femininity it holds. The yellow gold Serena has chosen complements the chicane diamond perfectly and gave me a stunning insight into why she loves yellow gold so much. Looking at this design gave me feelings of warmth and serenity which were definitely strengthened by the opulent glow of the gold.

Serena spoke of her aspirations to create jewellery which is both sophisticated and relaxed.

This is definitely something she has achieved with this engagement ring as it is the perfect balance of sparkle and glow. It would enhance but not overtake the style of the wearer. It really reaffirmed my love of clean lines and shapes within engagement rings.

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