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Success Guru Andy Shaw Reveals Past Successes And Failures

06, February 2015: Andy Shaw states he's just a normal man from West Sussex in England, who began in 1984 as a cabinet maker and spent a few years on an Apprenticeship and after that a few years working for a lot of different companies. After getting fed up of being sacked or moving on, or the business he worked for folding up, he states he chose at the height of the economic crisis that it was time to form a company himself.

success guru andy shaw

In a recent interview Andy said that virtually accidentally, he made contact with a buddy and together began a business in 1990, however in spite of not having any official business training they still managed to develop what looked to the outside world, like a very successful company. He included... "However we were miserable. Every day we went to work and struggled with a few factories, dozens of autos, stacks of machinery and a labor force who relatively turned up at work to make our lives a real nightmare. Despite the fact that now thanks to experience and hindsight we clearly did not have the managerial competence to integrate this element of our company, though we had an abundance of drive and enthusiasm."

"Things were going great for several years," stated Andy. He included... "After a few years, we worked hard, and were rewarded by making an okay living and after that as soon as we eventually recognized that we did not want to be in that type of business any longer. We found ourselves in the fortunate position of having a competitor wishing to buy us out, so let them twist our arm! We had actually ended up being rather successful at property investing before deciding to venture into the investment world again. By our mid-thirties we truly appeared to be mastering this, we had a lot of properties, and we had a highly effective and really profitable company. Things were going so well, a great deal of cash, a large house, lots of toys and lots of vacations, not to mention a remarkable wife and kids."

But then the credit crunch came and sales in Andy's company dried up and became non-existent. Andy stated... "I could not release equity in my properties when they still had some. Then the inevitable took place and we could not prevent the train wreck from taking place. Unexpectedly and extremely openly we failed! For a while, my company partner and I were reviled by many, and it was among the most difficult times of my life. Because of my abilities I might have easily gone away and made an easy life for myself and my family, nevertheless, I had no intention of stopping, I am somebody who finds opportunities all over, and I really understood that our failure and bankruptcy was simply an event, whereby I was just in between riches, but deep down inside I understood I was destined for success."

Andy discussed how he had studied the very best books on business, success and especially on state of mind. He included... "I immersed myself in all of it and exercised what I was learning, as well as the things I developed to assist myself and afterwards slowly, extremely gradually, I began to restore my life. I then wrote two books called "Developing A Bug Free Mind - The Key to Progress" & "Using A Bug Free Mind - Manifestation Unleashed," and together these make up the Bug Free Mind process, which I created to be The Universal Secret To Success."

The very best selling author states that The Bug Free Mind process is the ultimate Rosetta Stone, and the lacking piece in the success jigsaw puzzle for all who desire more than they have. He concluded by explaining... "It is designed to provide easy to apply strategies which give both happiness and a stress free life people are worthy of. The best part of everything I get to do now is read review after testimonial from all over the world, where ever my books have traveled and helped alter the lives of countless people, who now have a bug free mind."

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