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Blue Engagement Rings: Anton Kata’s Topaz Beauty

07, February 2015: Even though topaz is a fairly common gem, I really haven’t seen it used very often among bespoke designers. When I met Anton Kata and saw this beautiful design of his, I couldn’t understand why! Equalling to the beauty of a sapphire but at a much lesser expense, the topaz gemstone used in Anton’s ring is totally stunning. If I was searching for blue engagement rings I would definitely consider topaz for my centre stone after seeing this creation. 

Blue Topaz Ring by Anton Kata

Everything about this design screams Anton Kata; it is extremely well made and polished to perfection. 

Anton has incredible craftsmanship and is inspired by nature, something I can see in this design as the topaz echoes the blue depths of the ocean. Along with the shining silver of the band, it definitely appeals to my magpie senses as I love all things shiny! 

Often I think about how blue engagement rings must be difficult to get right; there are such fine lines when it comes to taste and colouring for the entire design. Pairing the wrong shade of blue with a particular metal can look a bit too odd... For my taste anyway (though I’m sure F would disagree!). I think Anton has got it exactly right in terms of colour and textures here. The overall effect of the ring fills me with excitement at the possibilities for my own bespoke design... 

Perhaps a brilliant topaz is the way to go! 

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