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The Electric Tanzanite | Blue Engagement Rings

07, February 2015: The moment I laid eyes on Christopher Anderson's tanzanite design I knew he had a passion for gemstones. His work is very distinctive and recognisable, a factor which was very fitting in order to do this stunning tanzanite justice. 

Tanzanite Ring by Christopher Anderson

L and I have seen a fair amount of blue engagement rings on our travels, but none quite like this. 

The extravagant diamond setting makes a bold statement, made even bolder by the brilliance of the centre stone. Christopher explained his belief in each gem having its own personality, something which aids him greatly in creating a masterpiece around it. 

I feel as if each of his designs tells a story and draws many different emotions from those who look at it. 

It is evidence of his flawless craftsmanship to be able to create such a personal connection between the design and onlookers. 

As far as blue engagement rings go, this has definitely been one of my favourites and will stick in my mind for ages. Christopher’s originality and taste for architectural designs within his jewellery ticks many boxes for me in terms of what I look for in a bespoke designer. If I wanted to take a gemstone to be made into something personal and creative, I know who’d be my first choice! 

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