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The new Kickstarter project by Caputer Lab Inc offers its first AR Helmet service

United States of America; 07, February 2015: The advancement in technology has made it easier to create unique experiences. It has converted the dreams of people into reality within humane effort. One of the bright examples in this context is Seer as revealed by Kickstarter. There are a number of devices at present which are designed for augmented reality. Seer is distinguished by its ability to provide world’s largest field of view like the Iron Man helmet.

The product has a wide range of features which redefine augmented reality. Seer provides a horizontal 100° field of view unlike the devices in this category which are limited to 65° view. Reflective mirror method is used to display images which are almost same as pilots. This device integrates an unusual optic lens technology and succeeds in using a single hololens for display. Seer is built over a platform of free form surface optical lens possessing an off axial mirror projecting system.

The augmented reality helmet features an optical lens which has a unique algorithm. It possesses the ability to magnify smart phone screen in a significant size. It can also compensate image distortion automatically by algorithm computation. Compared to the complex optics system of pilot helmets, the mid lenses are eliminated in this device making it simpler and effective. There is a multiple layer vacuum coating technique which offers flawless reflective and see through experience.

Free form optical lens in the device is a unique aspect which would need large amount of money to prepare precision optics mold. It can heighten the current viewing experience taking it to a different level altogether. This AR helmet device has a structure that doesn't press against the face and there won't be a need to remove the glass. Seer is flexible with different type of eyes providing a pleasurable Iron Man AR experience. The adjustable lens can be moved backward, forward and tilted to a position which is suitable for eyes.

Seer has been designed to become a VR helmet whenever needed. Irrespective of a light blocking cover, the device can switch to both AR and VR modes. It can be customized by adding sensors such as EEG, ECG and wireless camera in the reserved space. The device can be controlled by using joystick, keyboard, controller or leap motion. Seer app allows the user to control by tilting the head and colliding jaws. The open source platform enables the creation of reality apps irrespective of android and iOS devices.

About Caputer Labs:


Caputer Labs is a company which offers a wide range of augmented reality technologies. It has created Seer, which provides an immersive augmented reality experience like a real Iron Man. It features the biggest ever field of view in this category of devices. Visit the website for more information on this product.

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