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More Studies Search For Possible Treatment For Reactive Arthritis

Orlando, FL - February 16, 2015 - Reactive arthritis, formerly known as Reiter’s syndrome, is an inflammatory type of arthritis that typically affects young adults. It is uncommon and affects an estimated 30 to 40 men and women in every 100,000 adults. It has very undesirable symptoms and this is why scientists are continually looking for ways to prevent or treat the condition.

More studies are actually investigating potential methods to help relieve reactive arthritis. This condition normally takes place after an infection in the intestinal tract or urogenital tract. While the bacteria itself does not transfer to other body parts, the condition nonetheless leads to inflammatory symptoms in other areas.

“Sufferers of the condition are typically susceptible to three classic symptoms. These symptoms are inflammation in the urinary tract, eyes and joints,” said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan.

According to health experts, the symptoms of the condition can last anywhere from three to twelve months. Patients may experience mild to severe inflammation in the joints, eyes or urinary tract. A majority of the sufferers typically recover from the symptoms and are able to return to their daily activities.

The Arthritis Foundation has provided suggested ways for patients to better manage the condition on their website. The website provides a variety of remedies, as well as several techniques to help live with arthritis and understand the pain.

There are many treatment options available to consumers today. Many sufferers use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to achieve pain relief. However, the FDA has warned against prolonged use of such drugs and the potential side effects associated with their use.

A growing number of sufferers are turning to natural supplements as a pain relief alternative. Turmeric is widely recommended by natural health professionals for inflammatory conditions. Numerous studies have demonstrated the potential anti-inflammatory benefits of consuming turmeric.

Some people use turmeric powder and incorporate it in their diet. There are also many arthritis patients who use curcumin supplements instead. Curcumin is an active ingredient of turmeric and is believed to be the major source of its powerful therapeutic benefits, which includes anti-inflammatory properties.

Experts suggest that consumers should use a product that contains both curcumin and BioPerine. BioPerine is a black pepper extract that has been shown to increase the curcumin absorption in the body (http://www.amazon.com/Turmeric-Curcumin-Complex-BioPerine-Bio-availability/dp/B00JA4TLTI).

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