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And the GoPro Goes to Nivash Jayaram

Beachwood, OH, February 16, 2015

GoPro Goes to Nivash Jayaram
Funutation Tekademy recently awarded a GoPro camera to Nivash Jayaram, 13-years-old from Hudson, Ohio. Jayaram is the winner from Funutation®’s 2014 Summer Camps contest.

Jayaram has attended Funutation’s 3D Video Game Design and Computer Build and Repair camps during the summer of 2014. He has always been enthusiastic about technology. He combines his knowledge of information technology with his passion in music. He has worked a lot with the Macintosh GarageBand software to make music for performance.

His family strongly supports his interest in technology. In this area, Funutation seems to be the only camps that provides the solutions to Jayaram’s intellect. Jayaram has discovered how the STEM camp can be fun and informative. He was especially impressed with his Computer Build and Repair camp at Funutation.  

Ted Jordan, Founder of Funutation Tekademy LLC, says that Jayaram was one of the 1,100 kids who signed up for 2014 Funutation camps nationwide. Funutation tech camps are the only camps in the country that develop team building skills while satisfying the National Standards of TEAMS™: Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics & Science.

About Funutation Tekademy
Funutation Tekademy LLC teaches kids ages 7 to 15 computer coding in fun ways using their trademarked Funutation TEAMS (technology, engineering, arts, math, and science) philosophy.  Kids make their own video games, build battle robots, and more as part of these STEM based camps!  The curriculum team consists of graduates from top-tier universities such as the University of California at Berkeley and Case Western Reserve University.

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