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CashCow Store: Recently Launched Latest Product as Social and Online Store

16, February 2015: CashCow is the hottest social and online store with fast and easy feature that can be enjoyed anywhere. It is an e-commerce center that helps in maximizing traffic through the highly developed social media tools

In just a single step, people can now start selling online everywhere they want with this latest platform. It is ideal for selling products and services through social media sitesto business websites just like posting a status on Facebook. 

CashCow online store is ultimately responsive to any device such as laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or iPad. Users can also embed their store anytime and anywhere they want. It can be simply incorporated with any website like Wix, Google sites, WordPress, and other online marketplaces. 

People are guaranteed with safe and secured online shopping platform with SSL and HTTPS secured feature in which customers are strictly protected with PCI compliant product. CashCow also easily integrates into major social networking sites that allow users to award their fans with special offers as well as discounts for sharing and liking their products while deeply engaging on their marketing strategies and other promotions. 

With stunning and beautiful designs, users can choose from wide selection of stylish templates as well as customize their own special design depending on their personal style and taste. With an excellent social marketing tool like the CashCow, business owners can use sales, coupons, newsletters, mega likes and more in order to maximize their sales and marketability all over the online space. 

CashCow is the ideal place for an efficient e-commerce business and online selling activities. It provides multi-channel support for the users and is very simple to install and use. It will also help people to sell their products and services no matter where their customers are in the world. It will give customers the most reliable and exclusive shopping experience with shares and likes discounts. 

Today’s businesses are becoming more socially interactive through online platforms available worldwide. This is why CashCow was designed so that online shoppers will have convenient shopping experience with the hottest deals online. The newly launched product has already been getting a lot of positive comments over the web. 

For those who are interested about CashCow online store, they may visit http://cashcowstore.com or contact them at +972-544-977-331 for more details. 

For Media Contact:
Company: CashCow LTD
Contact: Yosi Havia
Telephone No.: +972-544-977-331
Email: info@cashcowstore.com
Website: http://cashcowstore.com

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