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Serbian rockers AlogiA’s brand new album “ELEGIA BALCANICA” Grabs Best Metal Album Title in the USA

19, February 2015: The Serbian rockers AlogiA has been very popular among metal fans for their rocking music. Recently, their album "ELEGIA BALCANICA" has been chosen from the renowned RockWired Magazine and from the Akademia Awards, as the Best Metal Album in the USA, and it created a new craze among the metal lovers. AlogiA is distinguished to create award-winning music and has won several accolades for this album from different parts of the world. 


AlogiA wields a potent combination of flawless vocals, hard-rocking metal infused with electronic elements in this excellent collection of songs, taking you on a musical thrill-ride and dropping you off breathless. And this charisma can be very much witnessed in the new album that has been winning appreciations from music lovers, especially fans of metal, from all over the world. It has been pronounced as the Album of the Year in Italy by the readers of the web magazine, All Around Metal. The album is also declared Top Metal Album in Greece and also won Melodic Awards for 2014.

AlogiA Elegia Balcanica Front Cover

Music lovers believe that with this new album, AlogiA has again proved the old idiom that music has no barriers. Though the album has been acclaimed EMC Award Winner as "Best Album in their mother tongue" for European Metal Channel, but people decoded the language with the help of the rhythmic music and enjoyed it. ELEGIA BALCANICA has created a ripple across the globe and people loved its melody and rhythm, instead of focusing on the words. Irrespective of lingual and cultural differences, people danced and jumped with joy to the tunes of the electrifying music that AlogiA has invented in this album. The album is also recognized as one of the Top Progressive Metal Album for Headbangers Latino America.

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According to the readers of RockWired Magazine, ELEGIA BALCANICA is the Album of the Year in the USA. It also achieved the accolade of being the Top Metal Album for Prog Palace Radio. ELEGIA BALCANICA has several important recognitions to its credit and which establishes AlogiA as a promising rock band that believes in creating extraordinary music to thrill the music lovers.

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About AlogiA: 

AlogiA is a Serbian rockers group that is known for their progressive metal sound. The band has recently released an album titled “ELEGIA BALCANICA” that has won several awards and accolades around the world. Some of the band’s popular albums are available on the official YouTube channel of the band.

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